Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter Customizer was invented with the intention of creating a one-stop-shop for any model maker or gamer out there to acquire the aftermarket products they can use to successfully bring their most favorite lesser known chapters to life on the tabletop. We sell products that are intended to work with popular 28mm Tabletop Sci-fi Wargame Miniatures, but in no means replacing or substituting the original models; only adding to and customizing them in a visually appealing fashion. 

We will never sell an analogous product that is already produced by Games Workshop or Forgeworld. We do not sell chapter icons that are produced currently by Games Workshop or Forgeworld. We only intend to honor the legacy of the known lore and provide an outlet for modelers to build their own armies in such a vision.


  • All orders are made to order.  Standard Orders take can take up to 3 Business weeks to process.

  • If you have any questions or comments about your order please contact

  • If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason please contact us immediately for a refund or replacement.


• Flat rate shipping for the United States = $5
Flat rate shipping for Canada and Mexico = $12
• Flat rate shipping for Europe and the rest of the world = $13
• We offer flat shipping rates for all standard orders.  Additional shipping may apply to individual items.

  • Shipping times vary from country to country

  • Estimate - Europe + UK : 2 weeks

  • Canada : 1 - 2 weeks

  • Asia - Australia - et. al : 2 - 4 weeks