Finally, get your custom chapter detailed the way you want!

Chapter Customizer offers a full range of custom work for Shoulder Pads, Doors, Waterslide Decals and Airbrush Stencils.

• STEP 1 •
Choose the package you want: 

Includes design and production.

Includes design and production.

Includes design and production,
x6 Shoulder Pad sprues
and x4 Doors/Icon sprues.

• STEP 2 •

Select 'optional' additional copies of your custom Airbrush Stencil, Decal Sheet, or 3D Design.
Choose only copies of the items you're ordering in STEP 1.

• STEP 3 •

 !! After placing your order - Send us your artwork, clear instructions, and order number to:


(email not linked, please type manually)

Chapter Customizer can work with photo of hand drawn image, image from the internet, or your vector / raster artwork.
We accept all file formats and can work with pretty much anything.

Chapter Customizer will redraw the supplied artwork in vector format for ultra crisp printing on decal sheets and precision cutting on vinyl stencils.
3D work is done from the finalized design of supplied artwork. The customer will get the opportunity to proof the designs before moving on to final production.

All custom orders take 4-6 weeks production time.

    2 icons permitted per sheet. 5.5” x 8.5” with transparent backing.
    Full color range + White toner available.

    2 icons permitted per sheet. 5.5” x 7” produced on low-tack white paint mask vinyl

3D Design Work FAQ
    1 icon permitted per package. Printed at 25 micron resolution in Black Resin